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Janie Erkiaga Real Estate Agent

Janie Erkiaga Real Estate has been chosen as one of our November 2019 Chamber members-of-the-month.  Janie was raised her entire life in Surprise Valley, just "over the hill" from Alturas, and is proudly celebrating her 30th year in real estate.  She looks at here real estate business as a service to people, helping them relocate, or in finding that special property.  No deal is to large or to small and as an independent business women she is a licensed broker in California and Nevada.  Her expertise is in Land, Residential, Homes, Commercial or Exchanges.  So, remember the "Basque Broker" when you think real estate.  Congratulations Janie for being one of our November 2019 Chamber members-of-the-month.  For a list of property that she currently has for sale please visit here website by clicking here or call her at (530) 233-4128 for any questions you may have.  


KCFJ/KCNO Radio Station

The Alturas Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate KCFJ/KCNO radio station for being one of our November 2019 Chamber members-of-the-month.  KCNO went on the air in 1951 as a 1,000 watt AM radio station.  In later years it was upgraded to 5,000 watts of power and is still broadcasting today, but under the call letters of KCFJ on AM 570.  More changes occurred during the past 30 years to the radio station in order to keep up with modern programming and an ever-changing customer listening base.  A 704 foot AM radio tower was erected 11 miles south of Alturas on Highway 395 in the early 1980's which is used only during daylight hours to broadcast the AM station 570 (KCFJ).  The original AM tower is still standing at the main studio 2 miles north of Alturas on Highway 395 and is still operational.  An FM station was put on the air in the early 1990's.  The original "KCNO" call letters were eventually switched from the AM to the FM (94.5) and new call letters of KCFJ were approved for the now AM station side (570).  Today, KCFJ AM broadcasts an Adult Standards type music format while KCNO FM 94.5 plays #1 Country hits 24/7.  From the first day it went on the air, KCFJ/KCNO was always there to serve the communities interest and truly enjoys hearing from their dedicated listeners whether you live locally or just traveling through the area.  If you have any questions feel free to call KCFJ/KCNO at (530) 233-3570.