Fandango Days


Community Patriotism

The Alturas Chamber of Commerce is proud to host the annual Fandango Days Parade and Celebration during the first Saturday in July.

A parade down Main Street in Alturas kicks off the event followed by an afternoon of family fun and entertainment at the Veteran's Memorial Park where everyone can enjoy plenty of food and lots of other community activities to round out the remainder of the day. 

2019 Fandango Days Highlights

Little Mr. and Miss Fandango

Little Mr. and Miss Fandango

The annual Little Mr. and Miss competition was held at the Niles Theatre on June 22, 2019.

After some highly tough competition the judges chose several youngsters to represent the Alturas Chamber of Commerce in their annual parade.  The results are as follows:

  • Grayon Lusk - Little Mr.
  • Shelby Silva - Little Miss
  • Cole Winkle - Junior Mr.
  • Khloe Taitingfong - Junior Miss

Other contestants to mention are as follows:  Afyna Chambers, Angelina Jolicoeur, Bailey Banks, Valerie Chapman, Piper Brogan, Pete Malcolm and Damian Chapman.

The Alturas Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the community for their support in making our Fandango Days celebration one of the best in recent memories.  The Veteran's Park was completely full of patriotic vendors and hundreds of family and friends that truly enjoyed the sun-filled day of music, food and entertainment.